IPFM (since 1992 in United Kingdom)

INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGERS is incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 and registered as a Professional Institute.

  • Established in Year 1992 with over 15,600 memberships worldwide.
  • Registered with UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP)
  • Member of the Confederation of Professional Awarding Bodies (COPAB)
  • Listed as a British Professional Body and Financial Institution on www.wikipedia.org
  • Has been listed in British Qualifications
  • Registration No: 5763364


professional finance qualification


Prosperity through Excellence



  • To be the leading International Institute that promotes and advances professional financial management.
  • To be the International Institute that sets and accredits those standards in professional financial management that defines best practice.
  • To raise the profile of the profession through an increased awareness of the contribution made by professional financial managers and their increased recognition.
  • To remain an independent, self-regulating body.


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